Arbor For The Ceremony

7 Jun

Since we don’t have the giant oak tree to get married under like we thought we would, we need something to substitute. I think we can make an easy, affordable, romantic arbor that should do the trick. Here are some inspirational arbors I found online.

This last one isn’t an arbor, but a good idea none the less!


Ceremony Locations

6 Jun

Since the river and the big oak tree are not actually on the property, we have to decide a new place for the actual ceremony. Here are some places that previous couples used at Old Wide Awake.

The house you see in the far right on the large photo is someone's in the family that owns the plantation.

This is about the same location as the top photo as well.

Here is the ceremony on the stairs. Right now, the two trees ot the left and right of the stairs are ALOT thicker and fuller, so Matt is concerned that they would ender the view for some people. So this probably won't work.

Here are some more pictures of the other weddings that happened at the Plantation. Maybe we can get some good ideas from them.

Outside Old Wide Awake

6 Jun

Inside Old Wide Awake

6 Jun

Dancing With My Dad

3 Jun

Music is going to be a really important part for Matt and I at the ceremony and reception. One of the hardest decisions for me will be the first dance with dad. SO far I have thought of two songs.

1: Go by Plumb – I love the lyrics in this song, but I feel like there would be no way I wouldn’t cry if we danced to this one. I don’t particularly want to cry in front of 150-200 people. So it’s still up for debate.


2. Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison – This song is a little more my dad’s style. I like the beat and the mood it sets. The lyrics are a little self serving though 🙂

Summer Color Palette

2 Jun

I am loving these colors for an outdoor summer wedding. Especially the melon and firefly. I want to have more than the traditional two colors, so I’m leaning toward a palette like this one. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those things I change my mind on 4 gazillion times! Thanks to one of my AMAZING bridesmaids (Lisa) I am currently searching through for other ideas. I have to say though…i’ve been excited about these for almost 3 days now, so these could be THE colors!! I have to OK that decision with Matt though  😉



2 Jun

Apparently I like cakes with an exterior texture to them…see below. The first one has grated white chocolate pieces on it, not coconut (yuk). The second one looks like a wedding dress and I like that.

Cupcake, this amazing cupcakery in Charleston, makes these “mega cupcakes” for weddings. I am obsessed with their lemon cheesecake cupcake, so I thought it might be cute to have 3 or so giant cupcakes that are all different flavors instead of a traditional wedding cake. Just a thought!