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Father & Daughter

21 Jun

Just heard the song Father & Daughter by Paul Simon today. Its so great. I love Paul Simon! Maybe a potential father daughter dance song????

Dancing With My Dad

3 Jun

Music is going to be a really important part for Matt and I at the ceremony and reception. One of the hardest decisions for me will be the first dance with dad. SO far I have thought of two songs.

1: Go by Plumb – I love the lyrics in this song, but I feel like there would be no way I wouldn’t cry if we danced to this one. I don’t particularly want to cry in front of 150-200 people. So it’s still up for debate.


2. Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison – This song is a little more my dad’s style. I like the beat and the mood it sets. The lyrics are a little self serving though 🙂