Summer Southern Wedding

22 Jun

I really love this summer southern wedding 


It might be a tiny bit more southern/country than what i’m going for, but still there are some great ideas in there!

Father & Daughter

21 Jun

Just heard the song Father & Daughter by Paul Simon today. Its so great. I love Paul Simon! Maybe a potential father daughter dance song????

Wedding Update

20 Jun

Here is an update on all the things that have been decided on:

Venue – Old Wide Awake Plantation

Music – Burt Lawson, DJ

Photography – Melissa Xenakis

Catering – Tom and Sandy – They own a Manny’s Grill and do catering on the side, so no website.

Things that are “to be determined”:



Chair, table, silverware rentals




Honey Moon



















Wedding Video

17 Jun

I am so in love with these wedding videos! They really do turn them into short stories…If we can at all afford this, it is a must!

Elsie & Jeremy | May 15th 2011 from Goodwin Films on Vimeo.

Some DIY Ideas I’m Loving!

17 Jun

An old frame and some chalk board easy!

Save Your Jars and Bottles!

17 Jun

Friends and family, please start saving your old glass jars and wine glasses. I’m thinking of using old glass jars like mason jars, pickle jars, etc (they dont have to be clear, just transparent) to put candles in and hang around the venue, like this:

Also save your wine bottles. I think they would be make great additions to the table decorations. Vintage and affordable, like this:

I like the foggy look these have. I'm sure that is just some sort of treatment you spray on.

Save The Dates

7 Jun

The whole “Save The Date” thing seems very unnecessary to me, but i understand that it’s protocol now-a-days. So i really dont want to invest a lot of money in them because i want the invitations to be really nice. I found a great idea on the link below. Stamped postcards from Charleston! Most people will be traveling here, so it’s kind of fitting. Matt might think this is really tacky though…we will see. Annnnd it would eliminate my other idea of dressing harper up in a little wedding gown and Addy in a tux for the Save The Date pictures 🙂 I might just have to do that anyway! (Matt is cringing right now if he is reading this)

Check it out –